Has Your Church Jumped the Shark?

Today I walked a man through an event for people in our community that needed someĀ help for the holiday. Unfortunately, the toys were picked over by the time it was his turn, so a couple of his older kids didn’t get any toys or fun things that fit their age. By the time we got to the end of of the toys and clothes, the food baskets had all been given away. This is a family in need because the Mom, who had been earning a majority of the income, ended up with a medical issue that has caused her to have to leave her job.

The man was happy with what he got. He avoided taking things he didn’t think his kids would fully use. And, he was completely appreciative of everything, even though he left with less than the event had hoped to provide to him.

A few miles away….

This week-end my church is launching the opening of their new mega-multi-million dollar branch building. With fancy architecture, great A/V, nice seating, and a prime location in Fishers, it is definitely a church that stands out when you drive by or see it.

If you ask me, I’d say yes, my church has jumped the Shark.