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The focus of this page is to provide you with a bit of information about me. If you’d like professional details on where I’ve worked, please take a look at my LinkedIn profile.

Social Media Links

Twitter: @BradleyLJones

My LinkedIn Profile: www.linkedin.com/in/bradleyljones/

My professional blog: http://www.codeguru.com/blog/

My personal blog: (this site’s home page)

Google+ Page: https://plus.google.com/100313584249950651542

Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/Jones123


What I do

I am the director and editor-in-chief of the Developer.com Network of sites for QuinStreet Enterprise, which is part of QuinStreet, as well as a director over the editorial division of the B2B group within QuinStreet. On a daily basis, I work with people from around the world to provide technical information and resources to the developer community. The sites I oversee engage millions of developers and those that work with developers in discussions, education, and learning. This includes sites such as Developer.com, WebDeveloper.com, CodeGuru.com, HTMLGoodies, PHPBuilder, jGuru, and JavaScriptSource.com.

I focus on ensuring the visible daily operations of these sites, and I work with internal teams to drive business aspects of these sites. Planning, budgeting, optimizing, and integrating are just a few of the things I do along with focusing on areas such as SEO.

In addition to my day job, I’m actively involved in my community and schools. I have raun a local educational meet-up group focused on technology as well as am actively involved in my kids’ schools. This includes being a member of the PTO, being proactively involved with the tech committees, and asking questions as well as offering my support.

I could go on, but the best way to know who I am is to look around my site and/or talk to me!

My Current Job

  • Lots of Software, LLC,

Other Current Positions / Roles

  • Dad, Husband – The Jones Family
  • Director / Founder – Indianapolis Developers Association
  • Director / Co-Founder, IndyTechFest, LLC
  • Owner – LotsOfSoftware, LLC
  • Board Director – Danville Rescue Mission, Danville, IL
  • Vice President – Riverside Junior High School (RJH) PTO
  • Member, Internet Press Guild


  • Internationally Bestselling Author
  • Recognized for creating a Top 10 Entertainment Software
  • Recognized as a Microsoft MVP Professional each year from 2004 to 2011
  • //CODiE// Judge 2009, 2013


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