Discipleship Training

I’ve been working on a number of projects. This includes stepping into a publisher role and publishing two books:

These books take a question and answer workbook format for learning about the core fundamentals of Christian discipleship. The second book on Christian Outreach provides scriptural insight into doing outreach. With these books, you can use scripture references to answer questions on the given topics. These questions guide you to not only understand the topic, but also help you understand the Biblical source for the answers. For those that prefer to shortcut the workbook process, the second half of each book contains the answers and scripts.

Both of these books are available now on Amazon.com for under $10 each.

These are the first of two books that I’ve published. My intent is to continue to publish books for not only others (such as these), but also my own publications. If you need editing services or are looking to get your own book published (for your own use or to sell publicly), I’m able to provide services for a relatively low fee!

If you are interested in quantity purchase of the above two books (10 copies or more of any topic) to use in your small group or other gathering, then contact me. I might be able to get you a discount.