Hamilton Southeastern (HSE) School Board Candidate Forum “Live”

I’m not a fan of myself on video. Regardless, below is the recording of the school board candidate forum that occurred on October 4th at HSE High School in Fishers. A special thanks to the Hamilton Southeastern Education Association for hosting and recording this event.

In watching this, you’ll get to see the questions that were asked (or not asked) as well as hear the answers. None of the candidates proposed building walls around HSE, nor did any discussions occur about lost emails. In fact, everyone is focused on the issues related to our kids, our schools, our teachers, and our district.

For most questions, we were given one minute to answer. As a note, these are not questions that can be clearly answered in 60 seconds. Even with my quickly jotted notes, there were a multitude of things didn’t have time to say. Other candidates were able to make some of the comments that I hoped to highlight, which is great. In the end, we are building awareness on the topics impacting our schools, and hopefully the result will be for more people to feel open to engaging with the school board in the coming months and years.

Here are the recordings:

Part 1:

Part 2:

If you have any questions on anything I mentioned, feel free to contact me.